2017 to 2022 Rapture Watch at The Feast of Trumpets : )

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2017 to 2022 Rapture Watch at The Feast of Trumpets : )

Post by Victor » Tue Jan 31, 2017 11:08 pm

Shalom All Christians :)

The Arrival of Yahshua/Jesus The Bridegroom for His Bride The Church has above Average Chances of Happening at Rosh Hashana/The Feast of Trumpets in the years of:

2017 -- possible year/possibly important
2019 -- a little less possible it may be.
2022 -- possible important year -- this could be the year, if it is not 2017.

The Feast of Trumpets in 2017 is: Sept 20-22

Those are the three most important years out to 2022, with the right time frame for Daniel's 70th Week.

Peace with Israel or Daniel's 70th Week/Daniel 9:27 Covenant with many (possibly the UN) is a major thing to look for. Don't know what the chances of that happening this year at Rosh Hashana/Trumpets will be.

The Rapture/Daniel 9:27 may or will happen the same Day at Rosh Hashana.

(It's always good to be on the Watch every Feast of Trumpets for the Rapture)

Keep on the Watch For Yeshua The Bridegroom :D His Return is getting Very Near !
Shalom, Blessings, Maranatha


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Jesus The Good Shepherd :)

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