The Black Nobility

You won't Believe it -- Revelation 2:24 ...and which have not known the depths of Satan, as they speak;... Luke 8:17 - For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad.
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The Black Nobility

Post by Victor » Sat Mar 03, 2018 10:59 pm

Fondi/Synarcy/Oligarchy/Black Nobility

The Black Nobility - Farnese, Orsini, Breakspeare... The Videos on the Black Nobility Bloodlines are very good it may be, but you have to be careful with some bad words. Maybe one every couple of videos. ---

These guys have been the Popes and maybe Cardinals for maybe a 1,000 Years (Papal Bloodlines). In The 1500's they Created the Jesuits as like their Front. These people are The 'Face of Satan' in the world. Satan's Throne is Possibly at the Vatican - Believe it ><>

This is how it could/may be:

The Illuminatti have like Two Levels :: The Top Level - 12 Bloodlines (The Black Nobility) and the 'lower' level: Rothschild, Rockefeller... (12 Bloodlines)

Then you have the Committee of 300 which is like everybody else. The Knights of Malta are all evil maybe too. Maybe 6,000+ Billionaires.

The Queen of England (House of Windsor/Guelph is somewhere in all this) -- she/they are highly evil it may be. She may own 1/6 of all the land on earth - maybe worth $30 Trillion.

The Committe of 300 ::

Recommended Book :: Pawns in the Game - William Guy Carr ::

The Intelligence Agencies (part of them it may/could be), like the: CIA, FBI, British MI6 (which is paid for out of the Queen's purse it may be), The Mossad -- they do the Bidding of the Illuminatti (New World Order). Communism = Satanism = Rothschild = Central Bank (Federal Reserve).

This may be the/a 7 Point plan of Communism. Communism is the weapon of the Illuminatti:

1. Abolition of all ordered governments
2. Abolition of private property
3. Abolition of inheritance
4. Abolition of patriotism
5. Abolition of the family
6. Abolition of religion
7. Creation of a world government

A One World Gov't is the Goal of The Illuminatti.

Here is one of the most Major things the Illuminatti it may of been, said -- Something like This:

"The people of the Country will go to the Bottom with their Currency, on the Day of The Great Political Smash."

- That was maybe said around 80+ years ago. Today the U.S. is $20 Trillion in Debt.

You should all read the top of this site:

It may be this in the U.S. Presently: Mass Shootings = Gun Control = 'Genocide' (The Illuminatti are possibly orchestrating some/lot of the shootings, in order to enact gun control).

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